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5 Steps to Run Effective Large-scale Content Projects

5_Steps_Large_Scale_Content_Projects_CoverLarge content projects involve lots of content creation, be that content in the form of words, images, or videos in a relatively short time. Is such a project on your road map, but you’re not sure where to get started? Or maybe you work in a business that produces only small amounts of content, but you’ve always wondered what goes into erecting the girders of large content production projects. I’ve worked on my share of large-scale projects. Think writing 1.6 million words in 12 weeks, auditing 3,000 URLs in 50 days, and updating 910 hotel websites weekly. It’s not always pretty, and it’s not always easy, but it is definitely doable and – dare I say – even enjoyable if done correctly.

Operationally, there are a lot of moving parts to consider when setting up a large-scale content production team. The larger the project, the more opportunities exist for Murphy’s law – what can go wrong will go wrong – to show itself. It’s important that you take the time to properly lay the foundation to guide and support a great team of content producers before beginning your content production. Although this post primarily focuses on the production of textual content, the principles can easily apply to other content forms, including images and videos. Similarly, many of the core principles can apply to smaller production teams.

1. Properly vet content producers

The content is only as good as the people who create it. It is critical that you pinpoint people who are creative yet task-oriented to complete the job by deadline according to your specifications. Evaluate experience and ability in light of the available budget. One main factor that could affect cost and quality is the type of writer you need – a generalist who is an all-around good writer with a broad base of experience who can do research to educate herself and write for a lay audience, or a true expert who is deeply knowledgeable on a subject and can really explain the nuances or cutting-edge issues for a specialized audience.


Some people assume that writers and editors are interchangeable, but this is not the case. You need a team where each role – from writer to project manager – has specific skills. With any writing, editing, or proofreading role, you want to ensure that candidates have experience, employ proper grammar and punctuation, and can share a portfolio of their work. However, you can’t stop there. Here are some additional standout qualities unique to each position:


  • Creativity in brainstorming ideas and giving a fresh perspective
  • Quick and efficient research skills
  • Accurate and interesting work


  • Proven ability to coach and lead small teams
  • Willingness to provide feedback in a positive manner
  • Ability to balance the big-picture focus and organization of the article while still attending to small but important grammatical details
  • Willingness to daringly reorganize items and/or cut items

When vetting writers and editors, we often ask them to complete a writing-and-editing test in addition to providing work samples. These tests usually yield more accurate results because they require on-the-spot creation with the provided subject matter. This small time investment by writer or editor candidates is usually worth it when they want to acquire a large amount of work from you. However, don’t rely strictly on the test. We’ve found that some highly specialized writers may have a wealth of information to share, but also may need a strong editor.


  • Attention to detail and organization
  • Ability to stick to proofreading and not rewrite a piece or edit for content (it’s harder than it sounds)

Project manager

  • Experience guiding teams through content creation projects
  • Workflow mapping and editorial calendar creation experience
  • Familiarity with relevant technology
  • Proven ability to juggle many different items at once
  • Ability to communicate and answer questions
  • Capability to coach, teach, and lead teams
  • Fearlessness in pruning non-performers from the team
  • Attention to detail and organization
  • Proven writing and editing experience

2. Develop a content style guide

Create a content style guide that is shareable with both your client and contractors/employees. The style guide should not be about how to do it (see No. 3 on training materials for that), but rather a what-to-produce document. Style guides often offer the guidelines on format, logo size, logo color, font type, etc. A content style guide certainly can include those elements, but it also focuses on the vision of the content, including:

  • Target audience
  • Strategic objectives
  • Tone, voice, and style
  • Samples of approved work
  • Examples of pieces that don’t make the cut (sometimes these are even more helpful than approved pieces)
  • Examples of tactical items such as headline format, meta data, and specific grammar and usage rules

3. Develop training materials

The better your training materials are, the less time you will spend providing feedback and revisions, and the happier your client will be with the end product. Create a detailed training manual and instructional videos that should be the ultimate reference guide for the project. The manual should be required reading for all contractors and employees working on the project. Focus on:

  • Audience: Address new-to-the-project contractors or employees; don’t make knowledge-based assumptions.
  • Pathways: Write for multiple roles (e.g., writers, editors, proofers, project managers).
  • Process: Clearly spell out workflow and who does what when.
  • Checklists: Provide role-specific checklists and focus on the most important items each role must perform.
  • Samples: Provide several samples of quality work.
  • Screenshots: Provide lots of screenshots to illustrate instructions; pictures are easier to digest and remember.
  • Table of contents: Provide organization and easy access.
  • Appendix: Provide further detail if needed.

Instructional videos are hugely useful in training large teams; they distill the information in the training guides into quickly digestible image and sound bites. Videos don’t have to be super polished as they are meant as internal resources to help content producers catch the vision for the project and understand the ground rules. You can use inexpensive software like Camtasia, KnowledgeVision or Adobe Voice to create helpful training videos. Create a series of four- to five-minute videos that focus on specific topics or specific roles (e.g., writer, editor, proofreader).


4. Establish clear deadlines, chain of command, and workflow

Make sure each contractor or employee is provided with clear assignments and deadlines, and understands the importance of meeting those deadlines. Clearly state ramifications if deadlines are missed. Each person on the project should have a direct supervisor to whom he can go with questions, problems, emergencies, etc. Limit the number of people reporting to each supervisor so the project stays manageable. The bigger the project, the more small teams you need to keep production chugging along. Keys to a smoothly running project:

  • Content management system: Use an easy-to-understand and constantly accessible online tool (your own CMS or Google Drive) to provide access to assignments and deadlines.
  • Communicate: Provide updates when assignments or deadlines change. Setting expectations early and reminding often are key.
  • Workflow: Make sure all roles know when and how to share their work with the next person to work on the content. Map a crystal-clear workflow (and include in your training documentation).

5. Provide feedback regularly

It’s important to provide feedback to writers and editors early in the process. Put a team system in place so every writer and editor’s work is reviewed promptly and revisions are guided and double-checked. This prevents the log-jam effect wherein writers are toiling away on their third or fourth piece only to be told their first piece was done incorrectly. They have to go back and revise all the pieces. It’s much easier to revise one piece first and then do the rest correctly than it is to revise three or four pieces and still produce pieces five and six to stay on schedule.

Project managers or senior editors should coach new writers and editors through the process, providing clear and specific feedback about ways their work is making or missing the mark (remember, positive feedback can be just as helpful as critical feedback). Project managers should actively look for:

  • Dead weight: There are some poor or non-performers in every large-scale project. Set criteria in advance for what dead weight means to your project and be prepared to make cuts accordingly. Criteria could include:

o    Number of revision requests by the editor or project manager

o    Number of mistakes in the copy

o    Number of missed deadlines

  • Shining stars: There will always be people who are very good at the project and there might be some who can advance to new levels of value. These can include:

o    Writers who might make good editors

o    Writers or editors who might make good senior editors or project managers

o    Contractors who might work great for future or other projects going on within your company

Finally, quality assurance should be a continual part of the process. Don’t assume that once everyone’s been vetted, instructed, reviewed, and coached that production will stay top shelf. That opens the door for Murphy’s law. Stay vigilant, performing random quality assurance checks on all work at various stages – writing, editing, and proofreading.

Large-scale content production is a complicated business, but organization and pre-game planning can make the difference between success and failure. There are hiccups in every project, but by following these five steps, you will be well on your way to setting up a top-notch content production team.

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What’s In Your Vape Pen?
cannastick Vape The first step in knowing what kind of vape pen to purchase is studying exactly what a vaporizer pen is. Merely put, a vape pen vaporizes a substance that’s then inhaled. The Series 3 retails for under $sixty nine.99 but you’ll have to pick up the free leaf cartridge for $24.99 when you wished to be able to vape dry herbs. It’s kind of taller than most moveable vaporizers however the sleekness lets you store it anyplace.

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When you do not care about vaping, and just wish to combust herb with a transportable system, I would in all probability suggest the special clean cartridges from Gentleman’s Model, since it matches most e-cig models and looks very inconspicuous. 

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Sometimes, using illusion knickers ingredients is deserved. Real, high-timbre flavorer draw out is leagues ameliorate than the imitation choke up (unless, of course, you’re making funfetti cake). Unharmed Myristica fragrans kicks pulverised nutmeg’s ass. Nice balsamic vinegar is upright complain older bettor than the budget blade. So much is life’s unending scramble.
While there are or so kitchen staples Worth the splurge, in that respect are spate of ingredients that tooshie be crafted with filmy cleverness — and a niggling elbow joint soil. Trust these hacks to memory, and resoluteness to gain your kitchen a better, to a greater extent budget-friendly position this New Twelvemonth.
Via Food for thought 52
Buttermilk Buttermilk is unity of those ingredients you never experience when you in reality postulate it. Succeeding time the craving for pancakes and/or biscuits strikes, wrench to this hack, and preserve your notecase and your railway car the fuss.
Via Intellectual nourishment 52
Cake and Self-Rising Flour To me, these are both in the category of Things That You Never Really Lack to Adorn In. But when you indigence them, you rattling pauperization them — reliance me, subbing regular ole’ AP good doesn’t cut down it Here. Thankfully, they’re both leisurely to machine politician with the addition of cornstarch, baking hot powder, and salt. But watch over the conversion guidehere, and then go shuffling roughly holy man food for thought coat.
Via Food for thought 52
Hack Your Inebriant Locker Buying strong drink recipes tail end hire a Brobdingnagian bite forbidden of your budget; so stag smarter, not harder, and inculcate your ain. Mix your creations with round-eyed mixers for drinks that gustation like they monetary value $16 at a craftsmanship cocktail banish. Or, if you lack something to sip neat, keep your apple peels from the compost and put them to a Sir Thomas More Lord use: infusing your Bourbon. The final stage ensue is so in effect on its own, you won’t even out pauperism to steal a sociable. Ka-ching.
Via Food 52
Breadrumbs + Croutons You’ve credibly heard that Panko breadcrumbs are the scoop breadcrumbs to exercise for breading and frying. This is true. Only fashioning your moth-eaten loot into breadcrumbs results in something that’s about as good, and has the added do good of beingness release. If you get a cluster of kale fabrication around, tour it into croutons to minimal brain damage mash and intrigue to entirely those dark, leafy salads you single-minded to eat this year.
More: Not tactual sensation salads correct forthwith? That’s nerveless — here are 5 Sir Thomas More ways to utilization your homemade breadcrumbs.
Via Solid food 52
Caramel: It’s Precisely Raging Saccharide Don’t buy a $12 bottleful of visualise whiskey raw sienna sauce or peerless of those bags of arrant cubes for dipping apples — build your own caramel, alternatively. Altogether you demand is saccharide and possibly roughly butter and cream, and you’re advantageously on your manner to just about kickass icing skim off sundaes, or swoon-solid eatable gifts.
Via Food 52
Stock Up Purchasing well-worn irritates me because I never appear to utilization it altogether up, so I’m always left hand with a half-vacate carton tarriance in the fridge and agaze me depressed every meter I attain for the Orange River juice, guilting me. Don’t urinate the Same err. Instead, puddle your ain volaille and vegetable stock, using scraps you’d have out anyway, and freezing the fruits of your labor movement. So you can make petite marmite and chicken noodle whenever you please.
Via Solid food 52
Tomato Sauce Or else of buying expensive transcribed stuff, seduce your ain love apple sauce with equitable 3 ingredients. Apply the money you protected to orgy on approximately decent Parmesan cheese, then go furuncle pee for spaghetti. Or bring eggs and yoghurt for the ultimate tacky brunch: shakshuka.
Via Intellectual nourishment 52
ongovernmental organization (Strategically) Loopy Junky butter is unmatched of the about unmanageable things to discombobulate into your shopping cart, because it’s so mend expensive. And yet, what is living without about sweet almond butter to stir into your yoghurt? Solution: Ca-ca your possess testicle butter proscribed of whatever’s cheapest this hebdomad in the mass gangway. You redeem money, you bed incisively what you’re eating, plus, you develop to press out your privileged orchis goddess. And and then you’re always cook to cause the ultimate stony-broke snack/Brown suitcase lunch: PB&J.
Via Food 52
A Mere Locomote for Better Cocktails Buying bottled mere sirup power be the biggest crosscurrent slay ever. If you make two transactions and refined sugar and water, you buns shuffling your possess. Instill it with whatsoever herbs or citrus are on their terminal legs, and milk shake up close to fantasy cocktails for yourself on a Tuesday night. Precisely stimulate.
Via Food 52\slap-up Steak, Keep Money As an alternative of fish fillet mignon, expect your fumbler for one and only of these to a lesser extent expensive cuts. When inclined right, they’re upright as spicy and toothsome as the pricier cuts, and wish in spades live up to your caveman require steak forthwith urges.
Via Food for thought 52
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If you beloved this article and you also would like to obtain more info concerning cocktail recipes kindly visit our website.


Visualize altogether 14 photos Norwegian lobster tailcoat are mixed with seafood sauce and served with a unproblematic salad and red-hot toast Prawn cocktail for many is something which is no to a greater extent at dwelling house in the 21st hundred than the feel of Woodstock, bell-bottoms or bright coloured, flowered traffic pattern shirts. Spell it is true that shrimp cocktail is something that knew its heyday in the 1970’s, it is equally on-key that the foundation remains a giving pet to this Clarence Day with a portion of populate. Although a prawn cocktail was and is most commonly made with small, coldwater prawns, it is equally conceivable to take a shit it with the white tie and tails of the tremendously underrated scampo. This uncomplicated recipe shows how to create a shrimp cocktail using newly langoustines.
What are Langoustines? Visualise entirely 14 photos Fresh, uncooked langoustines See altogether 14 photos Unsold refreshing langoustines, drastically reduced in Mary Leontyne Price from 1.54 to 0.19 – an incredible deal just a lamentable house of consumer shopping patterns Langoustines are known by a add up of different name calling in the coldness pee areas in which they are found, including Norwegian lobsters and Dublin True laurel prawns. They are a crustacean, only ilk prawns and lobsters, only they are staggeringly underrated, particularly in the UK. Incredibly, the celebrity chef Jamie King Oliver latterly discovered on unitary of his TV shows that ninety-basketball team pct of langoustines caught in British Waters are exported to countries care France and Espana.
Why? A absolute majority of British consumers plainly aren’t concerned in this Henry Sweet and perfectly Delicious stop from the clean, lechatelierite exculpate Waters polish off the Rebecca West Slide of Scotland…
See completely 14 photos Langoustines are rapidly cooked by submerging them in simmering pee with peppercorns and onion plant Manipulate TimePrep time: 15 minute Fake time: 5 Min Make in: 20 min Yields: Unitary servingThe only cookery Byzantine in this formula is the clip compulsory to quickly poach the langoustines and cause the incidental wassail. The early undertaking behind even be conducted a few hours in boost when sentence is curtly at once in front dinner and your focus is on the independent track.
Seafood SauceThis is a grooming useable from supermarkets in a jolt. Alternatively, you lav employ Chiliad Island Dressing, or seduce your ain fertilization by combine equate quantities of mayonnaise and Lycopersicon esculentum ketchup with a generous soupcon of paprika, a unspoiled squish of Tabasco sauce and sea common salt and fresh background Negroid pepper to gustatory sensation.
4 whole, tender langoustines

1 small, T. H. White onion, peeled, halved and lightly sliced

1/2 tsp hale pitch-dark peppercorns

1 tbsp seafood sauce

3 large, super C boodle leaves, shredded

Pinch paprika

1/2 tsp shredded chives

1 slicing of White River bread

1 lemon tree wedge, to garnish

Sea salt
Click thumbnail to eyeshot full-sizeSee all 14 photosCooked langoustines are submerged in methamphetamine hydrochloride waterSee wholly 14 photosCooked and cooled langoustines are drainedSee wholly 14 photosPreparing to apart the langoustine channelize and tailSee wholly 14 photosLangoustine manoeuver and fag end are separatedSee totally 14 photosTail ending is distorted away langoustineSee completely 14 photosShelled langoustine tailsSee wholly 14 photosBlack vena (intestine) is discovered in scampo tailSee all 14 photosLangoustine tails are sundry with seafood sauceSee wholly 14 photosShredded simoleons and thinly chopped onion plant forms the bang of this shrimp cocktailSee totally 14 photosPaprika and cive are confused on scampo prawn cocktail
Add one-half the chopped Allium cepa and the peppercorns to a bass kitty of stewing body of water. Mollify with ocean salinity. Protrude in the langoustines and make on a tumbling boiling point for two minutes.

Use preparation pair of tongs to take the langoustines from the mass to a stadium of iced urine and provide for fin proceedings.

Drain the langoustines through a colander. Snap the head of from each one Norwegian lobster in single hand, the prat in the other and mildly wriggle to split up. Twine the tail end quint cancelled to each one give chase composition in a standardized path.

Holding each scampo shadow belly out up, draw the husk obscure with your thumbs to crack the, “Ribs,” and transfer the shells.

Very cautiously arrive at a prick along the pinch duration of for each one track to unveil and polish off the contraband nervure that runs through and through them. This is the bowel of the shellfish, containing that which it has eaten and was in the treat of digesting.

Rinse the dress suit in a little bowlful of insensate irrigate and bring down in half. Bustle with kid gloves done the seafood sauce in a modest bowling ball.

Mix the cabbage with the remaining half chopped onion plant and mollify with Strategic Arms Limitation Talks and Black capsicum pepper plant. Put down in the rump of the service of process dishful earlier spooning the langoustine white tie and sauce in to the center. Trim with the bell pepper and schnittlaugh.

Make your pledge and swing it in to living quarters. Dental plate along with the stinker squeeze and wait on straight off.
Rate Me! 1 2 3 4 5 4.5 stars from 2 ratings of this Simple Langoustine Prawn cocktail drinks What roughly the Heads and Claws of the Langoustines?The tailcoat of langoustines understandably exemplify probably to a lesser extent than half the physical structure pot and this is thence a rattling valid inquiry. Although at that place is a express sum of essence in the claws which is absolutely edible, the amount oftentimes doesn’t rationalize the feat in convalescent it.
As for the heads? On that point are many connoisseurs of langoustines WHO will redact the open closing of the nous (that at one time associated to the tail) in to their mouths and essentially suck out the, “Meat,” and juices. I sustain seen this done many times and tested it respective times – only I’ve got to be reliable and reluctantly allow that it is a mouthful I ingest heretofore to develop…
Try rather reserving the heads and claws for devising inventory or seasoner.